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The West Usk Lighthouse was built in 1821 by Scottish architect, James Walker. It was his first venture, but he later went on to build another 21 lighthouses.

The Lighthouse was on its own island up until 1856 when the land was reclaimed around it and a road was built. It served as a real lighthouse warning ships right up until 1922 when it was decommissioned. It then became a private home shortly afterwards but soon fell into dis-repair and became derelict.

It is rumoured that the lighthouse was the first spot to see action during the Second World War, as the lighthouse was used as a look-out post. War had just been declared and a German vessel was seen heading towards Newport docks. Those at the lighthouse raised the alarm and the ship was boarded only for it to then be realised that the crew were not aware war had even been declared and were just delivering goods into Newport!

In the late 1960s it was turned back into a private home until 1982 where it fell into dis-repair once more. We bought the Lighthouse in 1987. It took us 2 years of hard work to make it habitable and is taking the rest to maintain it! The biggest job was to reinstate the lantern room in 1997 with help from the Wales Tourist Board and CADW, but it had to be done and looks splendid for it.

The lighthouse is a grade II listed building and is now over 190 years old.

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