The West Usk Lighthouse is a cosy bed and breakfast plus a small wedding venue situated near the City of Newport, Gwent, at the junction of the Severn and the Usk Estuaries, overlooking the Bristol Channel.

Built in 1821, it is unique among lighthouses. All the accommodation is within the building. It is quirky and comfortable rather than luxurious. The West Usk Lighthouse was designed as a first venture by Scottish architect, James Walker, who went on to build another 21 lighthouses. The West Usk is perhaps the strangest house around, found at the end of a very long stony and bumpy track - it is an unusual example of its kind, built to a unique design; not tall as most lighthouses are, and considerably bigger in circumference.

All rooms are wedge-shaped and there is a stone spiral staircase in the centre, right above a collecting well, which is now our wishing well! The entrance hall is slate bedded and we have a Dalek at the bottom of the stairs and a Tardis on the roof, which is an added bonus for Dr Who fans and those visiting the new Dr Who Exhibition in Cardiff. 

The lighthouse has had a long history of being in the media. Cosmopolitan magazine once named it as "one of the 'Most Romantic in Britain" and we have been featured in most National Magazines and Newspapers, TV programmes such as "The Hotel inspector" in 2008 and have been in many international newsprint as well. Last article in The Telegraph was on Saturday, March 19th 2011. We were also one of the 50 best B&Bs in the Independent. We were on ITV1 on the 19th July 2012 with Eamon and Ruth Holmes on "This Morning - Special Destinations".

You can book online if you wish or you can ring us. Please note that weekends there is a minimum stay of 2 nights and for Bank Holidays, we recommend a 3 night stay. However, sometimes we can let for one night if the room is free or if you ring a couple of days before your intended visit.  

Have a browse of our site and if you like the look of us then please book by telephone on 01633 810126 or alternatively through the online booking system. Hope to see you soon!



The West Usk Lighthouse, Lighthouse Road, St.Brides, Newport, South Wales, UK NP10 8SF Tel : 01633 810126 Email: info@westusklighthouse.co.uk